Metal, Leather & Little Black Dress

   Hey all, hope your weekends were well spent. So, I've been finding myself wearing those little black numbers lately (you know, the "little black dress") I'm back on the dating scene and although I'm not looking for anything serious, I've still been looking to have a little fun ( there's no hurt in that right?) As of lately, I've been waddling through my wardrobe to come up trying to come up with date- night outfits. The little black dress is the easiest number to go for. Its super fuss free! An easy pair with some matching accessories and you can have and elegant and sexy attire for the evening. I decided to pair this number with black leather pumps to coordinate with the leather on the sleeve of the dress. My style is very minimalistic and I wanted to keep this look that way. enjoy xo

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Shoes: Le Chateau / Dress: Simons / Necklace & Clutch: Zara

A little See-through

These past few summer days in Montreal have been rainy and somewhat on the cooler side. My summer attire has been a mixture of breezy and comfy looks. Par exemple...
 enjoy xo
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Top:MEXX / Cardigan:MEXX / Shoes:GUESS / Moto Jeans: Simons' Twik 


A little see-through

VILA blouse, 67 CAD / Blue jeans, 20 CAD / GUESS strappy sandals, 140 CAD

Summer Trend: Ripped Jeans

Ripped Jeans is one of the spring trends that you'll also be seeing a lot this summer. Seems like everyone (and their mama) is rocking the look worn by kimYe, Rihanna, Amber Rose and even pharrell williams. Here are 4 pointers on how to pull off this hot summer trend.

  1) KISS: KEEP IT STUPID SIMPLE! Ripped jeans bring a lot of detailing to an outfit, so try to keep the other items simple. They should compliment the jeans and not clash with it. If you want to make your top or shoes the focal point of your outfit then go for a jean with minimal rips.

Ripped Jeans: Look1

  2) DON'T PAIR RIPPED JEANS WITH A CROP TOP: Why? It's tacky, and enough said.

Crop to no-no

3) BE MINDFUL OF WHERE THE RIPS ARE: There are a variety of ripped jeans options to choose from (Boyfriend Jeans, Cropped Jeans, and Skinny Cut). Make sure the jeans itself and the rips are flattering to your figure. For a lean look, opt for vertical rips and horizontal rips for a more curvaceous look.

Ripped Jeans: Look 2
 4) HAVE FUN WITH IT! Try a variety of colors and styles for confident summer looks. Also, add personal touches with accessories like big bangles and fedoras to keep your look on point.
                                                                                      enjoy xo

Fendi genuine leather purse, 1,250 CAD / Lipsy bracelets bangle, 25 CAD / H m jewelry, 7.26 CAD / Genie by Eugenia Kim paper hat, 95 CAD / Metal glasses, 7.55 CAD


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Jeans: Olivia (Peel)/ Top: RW& Co. /Shoes: Locale

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