Borrowed From The Boys-

Hey loves, hope you’re all doing well! With Fall finally here, everyone is starting to get into the  “cocoon” mode. For many, that means staying at home watching baseball or football, or whichever sport is in season right now. I've never been big on baseball , however a lot of my friends have been raving about the Blue Jays, alongside the rest of Canada I believe. We went out to eat the other night and watch the game, so I thought I'd chime in to show my support the best way I know how, with a sport inspired OOTN. For this look, I borrowed my boyfriend's limited edition Babe Ruth jersey. I know, I'm shocked also that he actually agreed to let me wear it.

About A Look: Weekend OOTN

 Let me start by saying that this was was one those outfits I tossed together last minute, not knowing how it would turn out, but I'm so happy with the end result. This dress for me was one of the items you purchase think "one day imma rock this" but never can find the right time, or confidence in my case, to make the piece work. If you're part of the itty bitty committee like I am, then a plunging dress like this one from Sirens, might give you a scare.

Rumor has it that it's easier for us small boobies gals to wear deep cut tops and dresses because we don't have to worry about support. While support may not be an issue for most of us in this club, we still have our own set of concerns to deal with. For one, going g bra-less isn't always option, especially since most us aren't model thin and can pull off the "flat chest and killing it" look.  A Wonderbra for example adds proportion to the body. Finding a bra that is both padded and invisible is a task. My go to is the Victoria Secret Bombshell bra with an adjustable front clip. This allows you to widen the front to make the bra invincible for plunging dresses like this.

 Another common issue is the bust area being too big, therefore always having tailor the dress to get the perfect fit. I opt for dresses with a wired bust line. This aids in offering more support and keep the top from bulging out.

The Weekender


     My mission for the weekend was to have fun, relax and unwind. After a hectic workweek, starting a new job and adjusting to a new work environment and schedule, I just needed a mental break. I called up a friend on Saturday and he suggested going to the gay village to stroll and grab lunch. It was a perfect idea because I couldn't recall the last time I had been to the gay village. I almost forgot all the cool sightings and the unique atmosphere it offers.

BACK TO BASIC: Tips to finding your pair of bombshell jeans!

    The next coming days are going to be the last for us to bare legs in shorts, dresses and skirt. I'm pretty excited for fall, however, with fall pretty much on the way that means pants season has arrived. It's also back to school season, so pretty much back to the basics of jeans and a tee; all day, everyday. For me,  like for most of us, shopping for a pair of great fitting jeans is a huge task. I've gotten buyer's remorse countless of times after spending hundreds on jeans I thought were amazing in store but didn't fit so well at home. Through trial and error I've come up with a few guidelines I follow whenever I'm shopping for jeans. I'm sure they'll be useful to you also.

Work Flow- Mandarin Collar #trend

  After a face mask, a cup of detox tea and about a gazillion glasses of water yesterday, I finally felt refreshed and ready for the work-week ahead. How you feel on a Monday morning (in this case, Tuesday morning) truly depends on how you choose to spend your weekend. The trick is to have a balance of fun and relaxation. Usually, I spend my Friday and Saturday nights catching up with friends and Sundays are dedicated to getting some alone time, family dinners (occasionally) and prepping for the week. By the time Monday rolls around I'm all game!

Long Weekend Vibes

    A long weekend for me means going out a lot and catching up with friends and family. Going out means looking good, which means having multiple outfit options to choose from. I'm all for outfits that look bomb without having to break the bank. So I'm really excited to show you guys this outfit I got from Dynamite Clothing.

So Brooklyn!

   The years I spent living in Brooklyn are the ones that truly shaped me. So without a doubt I had to do a post in honor of my 2nd home; Brooklyn. There's something quite prideful about being a Brooklynite. Ask a Brooklynite where they're from and with oozing pride they'll respond "Brooklyn!". I enjoyed the culture Brooklyn offered me. It was rough and tough; in your face and straight to the point kind of culture. It's a tea that might burn too hot for the timid. But I loved it.

More Than A Woman; Aaliyah Tribute Outfit


  This year marks the 15 year passing of the earth angel who was Aaliyah. She was my icon growing up; her style, music, passion for her art and drive was an inspiration to myself and many. I remember listening to her music all the time; in fact, her "Are You That Somebody" track is what made me fall in love with music.  My 10 year old self wanted to be just like Aaliyah; just as beautiful, just as defiant and just as talented. I still do!

Fuel The Lime Green

   When I previewed this look yesterday on Instagram (@dellisaduncan), I mentioned that it was inspired by Tory Lanez' Controlla lyrics "mi need more fuel fi di lime green". And yes, being a West Indian and patois speaker, I  know he wasn't talking about the color, and that "lime green is a play on lime light" in Tory's case. But, those exact lyrics sprung into my head when I saw this skirt dangling from a sales rack. And like almost every other item of clothing I come across, I knew I had to get it! And, I did. Then I knew I wanted to rock the shit out of this pencil skirt for you guys. Now, I am.

Button-Downs And Bandannas + #GrlTlk Being Respected

     Although it rained non-stop on Saturday,I spent my evening strolling through Westmount Park with a friend. Thankfully the rain ceased once we got there. It was perfect time for deep thoughts and conversation. I started contemplating on a particular lesson my parent's taught me as child. I didn't quite understand it then, as I do now.


   If you follow my instagram (dellisaduncan), you know I've been wearing braids for some time now. I decided to take them out to switch up my style once again, but because of the recent humidity I immediately regret that decision. By the end of the day my hair is a big fuzzy mess, even after using anti-fuzz sprays. Caps have been my go to and last resort especially when putting it in a bun is not an option..


  Midsummer is here so I figured it's a perfect time to share some of the things I've been loving this summer, and why. I've shared some of my favorite skin, hair and body products, as well as accessories and entertainment that have been my holy grail for the summer. Vital Antidote was kind enough to create a summer playlist for us to vibe it. It includes tracks from a few underground and mainstream artists they've been loving at the moment. Hope you enjoy.

Top 10 Trends of #SummerSixteen

  Summer Sixteen came with a lot of hot trends. So many trends that I can barely keep up with them all, so I've decided to compile a list of the top 10 trends that I've been loving this summer. Hope you enjoy! 

Give You The Blues

  Hey loves, It's been a while since my last post and I hope you are all doing well. I've been pretty busy with a few other projects I'm working on; one of them is helping style a singer for an upcoming music video shoot. Besides that I've been trying to make the best of summer. So far It's been really good. Montreal is finally beginning to feel like summer again without the random days of fall. 

Repeat Offender: Missguided JumpSuit

   There's a rule in fashion that you shouldn't wear the same thing twice. Whoever made that rule up couldn't have been on a student budget. I'm always buying pieces that I can dress up or wear casually. When you're on a budget the goal is always to get a bang for your buck. Last time I featured this Missguided jumpsuit it was two years ago on my birthday. Since then I've worn it one or two more times to the club. I thought it would be a good idea to showcase how I can wear the same look casually.

WHATIWORE: GrandPrix Weekend 2016

 Montreal was definitely the place to be this past weekend. It was the weekend of the annual GrandPrix and Mural Festival with tons of events and activities for everyone. That time of year when the city is flooded with tourists and celebrities. Despite the cold weather and rain, the activities kept going and the turnout was major.

All About The Green

    By now, you should know how much I love a strappy heel. I think it gives a sexy appeal to any outfit. Several posts ago I demonstrated how simple it was to up-cycle old heels in your shoe closet into strapped-up heels (see here). I went shopping at Winners and came across these cute pair of  suede strapped-up heels. I fell in love with the mossy green color and  immediately knew they would be perfect for pairing with a lots of  different outfits in my closet. 



    For a long time I thought short shorts were not for me. They were not for girls like me with tights and a booty. I always felt they were better suited for the skinny girls with small bums and somehow looked "inappropriate" on my body type, especially when you have little bit more jiggling while you walk.

Dusty Greens

    Who am I? First, I’m trying colors, and now print? I don’t even know myself anymore, lol.  I said recently that this season I wanted to vamp up my style and try new things; play around with patterns, prints and colors, and that’s exactly what I've been doing. Although these are mute colors, anything that's not black and white is a major change for me. I've also changed up my hairstyle to these beautiful jumbo twists - so with new hair come new gear! Well, not exactly new gear

Karrueche Tran Inspired: Leather Skirt OOTD


  Ever since I saw this flawless picture of Karrueche Tran in Topshop's faux leather skirt on Instagram, I knew I had to recreate her look. I bought a faux leather skirt a while back from Buffalo David Bitton, which has been laying in my closet ever since. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to put my skirt to work and show what it can do. 

OUTFIT INSPO: Nautical with a POP

    With the summer months approaching, I’m beginning to crave all things summer; the summer’s breeze, evening strolls, sand beneath my feet, and of course, summer fashion trends -one being nautical fashion. I've never really been into the classical nautical look, however, it’s one of those reoccurring styles that pop up this time of the year that you just can’t help but to try.

BTS: Concrete Jungle Charity Fashion Show

    I appreciate a company who goes the extra mile to give back to the communities they serve. Not for the sake of meeting charity goals, but because they truly care about the betterment of their local communities. Yesterday, Dawson College Campus Life & Leadership, in collaboration with The Legacy MTL, hosted a charity fashion show sponsored primarily by local Montreal brands. The goal was to raise proceeds for  Dans la Rue Foundation- a foundation whose aim is to aid at risk and homeless youths. To learn more about this foundation and their initiative, please visit their website at

 I had the amazing opportunity to see the fashion show and get a glimpse of the backstage activities before the show began.

Keeping It Cool/ DIY LACE UP HEELS


 Last post I told you how down and under the weather I was feeling- well, today is new day. Thanks to Tylenol I back to feeling like myself again. I wanted to create a look that was sexy, simple and chic. Since lace up sandals and heels are a major trend this spring,  I wanted to focus the look around these Zara lace up heels. Well, they didn't start off as lace up heels.

En Noir

 While everyone is out and about enjoying the nice spring weather, I've been "mossing" indoors recovering from the common cold. Due to my lack of enthusiasm, I haven't yet gotten into that lively spring spirit. I'm still channeling my winter vibes and truth be told, I'm feeling like a fashion rebel.


I'm here for the flared bottom or bottom pants making a comeback this season. There are so many advantages for wearing a bell bottom pant, especially when you're only 5'4 like me.

Weekend Vibes

   I don't know how you've been spending your long weekend, but I've been lounging out all weekend long in Shondaland, catching up on 'How To Get Away With Murder'. Aside from that, I went out for a few strolls to enjoy the spring weather

For Work And Pleasure

  By Thursdays I'm usually over the work week and praying for the weekend to come quick. I mean... who can blame me. But not all Thursdays are so bad,


Excuse me, but I've been having a crazy trouser obsession week. It started when I came across this trouser last weekend on the sales rack at Maison Simons (God bless the sales rack).
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