About A Look: Weekend OOTN

 Let me start by saying that this was was one those outfits I tossed together last minute, not knowing how it would turn out, but I'm so happy with the end result. This dress for me was one of the items you purchase think "one day imma rock this" but never can find the right time, or confidence in my case, to make the piece work. If you're part of the itty bitty committee like I am, then a plunging dress like this one from Sirens, might give you a scare.

Rumor has it that it's easier for us small boobies gals to wear deep cut tops and dresses because we don't have to worry about support. While support may not be an issue for most of us in this club, we still have our own set of concerns to deal with. For one, going g bra-less isn't always option, especially since most us aren't model thin and can pull off the "flat chest and killing it" look.  A Wonderbra for example adds proportion to the body. Finding a bra that is both padded and invisible is a task. My go to is the Victoria Secret Bombshell bra with an adjustable front clip. This allows you to widen the front to make the bra invincible for plunging dresses like this.

 Another common issue is the bust area being too big, therefore always having tailor the dress to get the perfect fit. I opt for dresses with a wired bust line. This aids in offering more support and keep the top from bulging out.

This bomber I got last season from Forever 21. The goal was to customize it with  patches, but I've yet to do that. I love the sporty element the jacket added to the dress. I'm all for mixing feminine and sexy pieces together. I just love the overall look it creates. 

Ok, let's talk about these heels! They are black girl nudes! When I saw them at H&M I knew I had to get them because I'm yet to find a pair of  nude shoes are actually nude on my skin tone like these are. They were also on sale for $10, so I obviously couldn't pass them up. Besides the price I love their chucky heel which means I can walk and dance all night long in these without my feet hurting. 

I hope this outfit inspires your ow feminine/ sporty OOTN. Have fun with it, much love- D

Dress: Blue Blush Clothing - Sirens.ca
Bomber Jacket: Forever21
Heels: H&M
LipStick: M.A.C Tough Love 

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