The Weekender


     My mission for the weekend was to have fun, relax and unwind. After a hectic workweek, starting a new job and adjusting to a new work environment and schedule, I just needed a mental break. I called up a friend on Saturday and he suggested going to the gay village to stroll and grab lunch. It was a perfect idea because I couldn't recall the last time I had been to the gay village. I almost forgot all the cool sightings and the unique atmosphere it offers.

BACK TO BASIC: Tips to finding your pair of bombshell jeans!

    The next coming days are going to be the last for us to bare legs in shorts, dresses and skirt. I'm pretty excited for fall, however, with fall pretty much on the way that means pants season has arrived. It's also back to school season, so pretty much back to the basics of jeans and a tee; all day, everyday. For me,  like for most of us, shopping for a pair of great fitting jeans is a huge task. I've gotten buyer's remorse countless of times after spending hundreds on jeans I thought were amazing in store but didn't fit so well at home. Through trial and error I've come up with a few guidelines I follow whenever I'm shopping for jeans. I'm sure they'll be useful to you also.

Work Flow- Mandarin Collar #trend

  After a face mask, a cup of detox tea and about a gazillion glasses of water yesterday, I finally felt refreshed and ready for the work-week ahead. How you feel on a Monday morning (in this case, Tuesday morning) truly depends on how you choose to spend your weekend. The trick is to have a balance of fun and relaxation. Usually, I spend my Friday and Saturday nights catching up with friends and Sundays are dedicated to getting some alone time, family dinners (occasionally) and prepping for the week. By the time Monday rolls around I'm all game!

Long Weekend Vibes

    A long weekend for me means going out a lot and catching up with friends and family. Going out means looking good, which means having multiple outfit options to choose from. I'm all for outfits that look bomb without having to break the bank. So I'm really excited to show you guys this outfit I got from Dynamite Clothing.
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