The Weekender


     My mission for the weekend was to have fun, relax and unwind. After a hectic workweek, starting a new job and adjusting to a new work environment and schedule, I just needed a mental break. I called up a friend on Saturday and he suggested going to the gay village to stroll and grab lunch. It was a perfect idea because I couldn't recall the last time I had been to the gay village. I almost forgot all the cool sightings and the unique atmosphere it offers.

First thing we came across where some musical bikes and of course I had to give those a try. I hopped on one of the bikes alongside  a few other adults while kids passing by with their parents stare at us shamelessly become kids again. The way the bikes worked was that you peddled to make the music play, pretty cool. I couldn't find a better way to get in some morning cardio. 

  Speaking of cardio, I've made it my mission to workout out more during the fall and winter seasons. Normally, I'll get lazy during these two seasons and wait until spring to get in shape. I really want to am at making working out part of my lifestyle rather than it being just a means to achieving a goal.

  With this new lifestyle goal in mind I knew I would need workout clothes. Needless to say I've been on the hunt to find workout clothes. Initially I wanted to take the dive and get a few Lululemon leggings or perhaps a few from Ivy Park. But I figured I'll establish a routine and stick to it firs, then reward myself some some designer workout gear. In the mean time I'll shop around for low budget gear. My friend suggested that I try these Old Navy leggings,which she wears and swears by. I was doubtful at first that they wouldn't be as good as she says simply because they were low budget. But I must admit I was wrong! They are very well fitting unlike most low budget leggings, which either sags in the crouch or loose the elasticity overtime. I've been using these for some time now and they are as snug as when I first got them, I have to give them a plus for that.

  You know I love clothes that offers versatility, which is another thing I like about these leggings. They are easy to pull on  with a regular top for errand runs or to go to class. Add some sneakers like these Nike Air Max 90 for an uber comfy and casual  weekend look.

Top: Sirens
Leggings: Old Navy
Hat: H&M
Bag: Burberry
Shoes: Nike Air Max 90

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