Borrowed From The Boys-

Hey loves, hope you’re all doing well! With Fall finally here, everyone is starting to get into the  “cocoon” mode. For many, that means staying at home watching baseball or football, or whichever sport is in season right now. I've never been big on baseball , however a lot of my friends have been raving about the Blue Jays, alongside the rest of Canada I believe. We went out to eat the other night and watch the game, so I thought I'd chime in to show my support the best way I know how, with a sport inspired OOTN. For this look, I borrowed my boyfriend's limited edition Babe Ruth jersey. I know, I'm shocked also that he actually agreed to let me wear it.

Let's talk about these ZARA pants because I did a few DIY's to get them to this stage. When I first bought them they had a lace fabric under the distress. While I was in love with the way the distressed rips looked, I wasn't so fond of the lace under it. I knew this can easily be fixed by cutting off the lace, so purchased the pants anyway. Besides cutting the lace off the pants, I decided to distress the ankles for a more trendy look. 

Aside from that I've been watching a lot of documentaries on the jailing system in America. One I highly recommend is "13th" on Netflix. I also watched Vice's Inside America's For-Profit Bail System  which really opened my eyes to how much reformation is needed in the criminal justice system. If you've watched any good documentaries lately please leave a link below.

Pants - (no longer in stock)
Jersey: NY Yankers Official
Boots: (no longer in stock)
Hat: H&M

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