The Rocker-chic gal is a well-dressed rebel. Don't get it twisted, this style personality is not about wearing black on black 24/7. The rocker-chic rebel enjoys pairing gungy with glamour for a kick-ass look. .We've seen this style redefined in the past few years as style icons like Demi Lovato, Kate Moss and Kristen Stewart began sporting the rocker-chic look. Glamorous and sophisticated pieces began being paired with  grungy, dark pieces from the rocker style.

It's not hard being rocker-chic. In fact, it's probably one of the easiest styles to achieve while being comfortable and fabulous.

So what do the rocker-chic rebels wear? well it all depends. But for starters, tons of leather, ripped skinny jeans, dark neutrals, and oversized or extremely tailored toppers are stables in their wardrobes. Also, they make sure to add plenty of dimension to their outfits by including patterns, pops of color, tailored pieces and accessories for a chic look.


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Outfit Details

Dress - Zara
Studded Heels - Zara
Jean Jacket- Zara
Shaded-House of Harlow
bracelets - Pandora
Rings - vintage ( mom's & grandma's)  
Fishnet Top-TOPSHOP
Loafers- Zara

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